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About Us

You ever want to invent something cool, something that will bring a lot of fun to others? We did! We are a family owned business with kids of our own. We wanted to solve the problems of fort building and rekindle play time. Spending time with family is the most important time we'll ever spend so let's make it fun!


We set out to solve some serious problems about fort building. We remember using dumb bells, books, tape, and anything else to secure our parents blankets. With our unique solutions you'll no longer need to use your blankets or any of these potential hazards in fort building. It brings fun and enjoyment back to fort building and a lot less frustration. 


We have a passion for giving. We will be regularly donating proceeds and forts to different charitable organizations. 

Thanks for bringing tote-a-fort into your home. We hope you have fun with your family. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more ideas and news from tote-a-fort.

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